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    Technical Rules For Maintenance Of Hydraulic Acrow Props

    The technical rules of single hydraulic prop maintenance are the requirements for coal mine hydraulic support maintenance staff. It plays a great auxiliary role in the use of coal mine suspension hydraulic prop.

    1. It is necessary for operators to wear work clothes and regular protective single hydraulic prop during operation. They shall not wear clothes with wide cuffs and trouser legs or semi naked clothes.

    2. For the maintenance of Dongbo pressure support, it is necessary to judge the safety and admit that it is correct, and start the work after damage identification. Check the lifting objects and various maintenance of the crown block before commencement. If there is any doubt, it shall not be used. During lifting, the rigging shall be firmly tied to the parts and the parts shall be stable. The rigging used shall adapt to the allowable tension of the lifting objects and shall not be overloaded.

    3. When there are many people working on the maintenance of hydraulic acrow props, special personnel shall be assigned to command, and other personnel shall abide by the consistent command of the commander. They shall take care of each other and concentrate their energy during the operation. No one shall chatter and make trouble during the suspension hydraulic prop operation.

    4. When lifting the single hydraulic prop, installing and disassembling machine parts, the human body should stand in the direction to avoid falling, so as to avoid losses. It shall not stand upright under the lifting parts, and there shall be no floating objects on the lifted objects to prevent injury when falling; The removed parts must be handled properly so as not to affect the work of other personnel.

    5. When assembling and disassembling machine parts, the operator must understand the performance and function of the hydraulic acrow props, the importance of each part and the sequence of disassembly and assembly, so as to prevent damage to machine parts.

    6. The electric welding articles used in the operation shall be operated in strict accordance with the electric welding operation procedures, and the operators must hold the certificate.

    7. Flammable cleaning fluids and flammable materials used in maintenance shall be installed and properly handled by professionals. The liquid after cleaning machine parts shall be collected evenly and shall not be dumped at will to prevent fire.

    8. The workplace of Shandong wave pressure support maintenance workers shall be equipped with fire-proof articles; Except for fixed-point electric welding, it shall not be ignited without approval; If there is any major doubt during operation, such as fire or personal injury, it shall be reported to relevant departments for timely rescue.

    Technical Rules For Maintenance Of Hydraulic Acrow Props

    9. When removing hydraulic acrow props, first determine whether there is pressure. If there is pressure, the pressure must be released before disassembly.

    10. When removing the side baffle, it is necessary to extend the side baffle and remove it after determining that the tension spring is not under pressure; When removing the tower spring, personnel shall avoid the pop-up path of the tower spring to avoid injury.

    11. When conducting pressure test, it is necessary to check whether the connectors are solid and whether the hydraulic parts are complete, otherwise the liquid cannot be supplied.

    12. During the initial action, it is necessary for the operator to obey the command, and the key test is required. The liquid can be supplied only after it is determined to be correct.

    13. For special types of work for suspension hydraulic prop maintenance, it is necessary to work with certificates, such as driver, welder, electrician, etc.

    14. In addition to strictly performing according to the operating procedures, the operators shall follow the procedures The safety skill operation specification of the type of work shall be implemented.

    Technical Rules For Maintenance Of Hydraulic Acrow Props

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